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  • At Mikla we serve a three course prix fixe a la carte menu or if you feel more adventurous a 7 course tasting menu. For your three course dinner,
    Please pick one of each, then the chef will send you a few bites before and after.

    The menu on our website is a representative menu only.
    We print our menu daily depending on the products we receive.

    Afiyet Olsun!

  • BİR

  • Zeytinyağlı
    Olive Oil Braised Artichoke, Sorrel
  • Unripe Almond
    Almond Milk, Bonito
  • Whole Wheat Mantı
    Smoked Buffalo Yoghurt, Tomato, Roasted Garlic
  • İskenderun Prawn
    “Şeker Bean” Humus, Green Olive, Rock Samphire, Hazelnut
  • Red Mullet
    Borage Root, Fennel, Walnut, Antep Chili
  • Duck
    Morel Mushroom, Halhali Olive, Dried Apricot, Sour Pomegranate
  • Beef Liver
    Tahini, Onion Jam, Cinnamon, Chickpea, Green Plum, Dill
  • Dried Beef
    Tenderloin, Green Bean, İsot Chili, Ezine Cheese

  • İKİ

  • Asparagus
    Fava Bean, Chard, Pumpkin Seeds, Roasted Almonds
  • Monkfish
    Blessed Thistle, Mussel, Calamari, Fig Vinegar
  • Grouper
    Vine Leaf, Pickled Mandarin, Salicornia
  • Octopus
    Pickled Apple, Sea Bean, Purslane, Apple Vinegar
  • Beef Rib Steak ( For Two )
    Chard, Mushroom, Sakız Artichoke, Asparagus, Reduced “Çalkarası” Wine
  • Braised Lamb
    Walnut Paste, Olive Oil Braised Peas, Potato, Bergama Tulum Cheese
  • Grilled Lamb
    Charsmoked Eggplant, Kars Gruyère, İsot Chili
  • Lamb Heart
    Morel Mushroom, Cress, Pomegranate Vinegar, Sumac, Malkara Lentil

  • ÜÇ

  • Strawberry
    Intense Strawberry, Cardamon, Basil, Antep Birdshit Pistachio
  • Buffalo Yoghurt
    Zile Molasses, Mint, Walnut Crumb, Strawberry Sorbet
  • Sübye
    Roasted Chickpea Sübye, Fennel, Rakı, Black Mulberry, Hemp Seeds
  • Aşure
    Cereals, Pulses & Dried Fruit, Pomegranate Flower Sorbet
  • Sweet Chicken
    Fermented Fig Seeds, Satsuma, Mulberry, Arapkızı Apple Sorbet
  • Chocolate
    Hardaliye & Nectarines, Blackberry Sorbet, Poppy Seeds
  • Cherry & İrmik
    Çöven Root & Pistachio, Sunflower Seeds, Kaymak Ice Cream

  • 3 Course à la Carte Menu 350.- TL

  • Cheese & Honey ( For Two ) 75.-TL
    Anatolian Raw Milk Cheeses, Flower Honey, Walnut, Hardaliye & Prune

  • Prices are in TL; V.A.T. is included, Service is not included.